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The interactive research tool for the 21st century

PIX: The Pension Professional's Best Friend

The Pension Information eXchange, or PIX, is an online service dedicated to serving the pension industry. It supplies the key element missing from your subscriptions to other professional services and publications: Interaction

More than ever, we need to interact with our colleagues. "What does this regulation mean?" "How are you handling this problem?" "Where can I find a copy of this citation?" You can't ask a book these questions. Maybe you've developed a local network of friends with whom you discuss these problems. How would you like to expand your network to include hundreds of the most up-to-date pension professionals in the country?

PIX is Interactive

PIX is a 24 hour computerized study group, just a few keystrokes away. At your convenience, you can get answers to those killer questions, read and participate in lively discussions, learn from informed and insightful comments, get help with your computer problems, and keep abreast of current developments.

At the heart of PIX is the ERISA, etc. forum. This is where you would post any questions you might encounter in your practice. With over 500 members, chances are that someone has had to deal with whatever issue you have come up against. Their response may trigger other responses. Or you might be reading a discussion some others are having and discover a planning tip that applies to one of your clients. The interactive give and take will keep you on the cutting edge of what's happening in the pension business.

PIX is Current

In addition PIX maintains an electronic library of selected Revenue Rulings, Revenue Procedures, Notices, Private Letter Rulings, and more. "PIXers" can access important rulings within days after they are issued, rather than having to wait for the print services. Better still, you can download copies of important items (such as model amendments) directly to your computer, rather than typing them.

PIX also gives you an entry into the burgeoning world of electronic mail by providing you with an Internet mailbox. You can send and receive messages from anyone in the world who has an Internet mailbox. That includes your clients and other advisors you work with. You can even send employee data, spreadsheet files or other non-text information through the Internet.

PIX is Fun

We haven't left fun out of the PIX equation. An Odds & Ends forum hosts some special nonpension sections for discussing computer hardware and software, parenting, and travel as well as an "after hours" section called the Soapbox where anything is fair game for discussion (within the bounds of propriety).

PIX is User-Friendly

With pulldown menus, toolbars, and easy to master keystrokes, PIX's exclusive interface software, WOD, is easy to learn and easy to use.

Plus, there is online help for every feature and option, every menu item, every dialog box. Or, you can get personal help from a real live person at PIX Central. WOD is included as part of your PIX subscription at no additional charge.

PIX is Efficient

PIX is designed for automated access. Instead of running up phone charges while reading messages or deciding what to do next, PIXers tell WOD (before calling PIX) exactly what they want to do. WOD then calls the PIX computer, performs the requested actions as quickly as possible, and hangs up, thus minimizing phone line charges.

WOD is all the software you need to use PIX. It runs on an IBM compatible computer equipped with a modem.

PIX is Affordable

PIX is paid for like a magazine subscription. The annual fee is just $165. Additional users at the same address are half-price.

The subscription includes WOD, unlimited use of PIX forums, library files and electronic mail. A copy of the user manual is included on the WOD diskette. If you prefer printed documentation, for just $15 we'll send you a professionally printed copy of the user manual, which contains complete instructions, and detailed tutorials.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Subscribers may cancel at any time during the first 60 days for a full refund.

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What Our Users Say About PIX

"I was 'off the board' for several months because 'I was too busy.' On my very first day back, I picked up some information that saved a client of mine several thousand dollars. PIX is my best source of continuing education, and the most entertaining as well."

"PIX is like having a study group of hundreds of members to draw on! I can ask a less than brilliant question and usually receive a more than brilliant answer quickly."

"PIX has been my lifeline. Working on my own, I find the encouragement and technical support invaluable"

"PIX is like sharing an office with many of the best pension minds in the business. If I need to float an idea, or have some valid feedback on an issue that is not black or white, PIX provides me the ability to obtain various informed, experienced opinions. In the event that there is a clear cut answer, and I just hadn't happened upon it, you could bet that someone on PIX will provide an authoritative response complete with accurate citations!"

"I was astounded at the recent ASPA National Conference when, at the Issues and Answers session, PLR 9541041 came up in the discussion. None of the reporting services could come up with the PLR because it was too new to make it into the service, yet the PIX guys had it available within seconds"

Order Form

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Mail this form to PIX Partners, 5631 Kent Place, Goleta, CA 93117. Or, you can fax a credit card order to: (805) 683-0369. If you have questions, you can call us at (805) 683-4334 or send us email at mom@pixpc.com. Please allow 10-14 days for delivery

NOTE: Only private sector members of the benefits community may use this form. Please call us if you work for a government agency.

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